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Multi-strand Piece with Cones

Step 1

With two 3 inch pieces of 22 gauge sterling silver wire, make a wire wrapped loop on one end of each piece.

Step 2

Crimp one end of your Soft Flex beading wire (cut to desired length plus 2 inches) to one of the wire wrapped loops.

Step 3

String beads onto the Soft Flex until you have reached your desired length.

Step 4

Crimp the other end of your Soft Flex to the second wire wrapped loop.

Step 5

Continue adding strands of beads to the wire wrapped loops.

Step 6

When finished, slide a cone onto one of the pieces of sterling silver wire. The cone should cover the wire wrapped loop, the crimp beads, and possibly some of the beads if they are small.

Step 7

Begin making a wire wrapped loop at the top of the cone. As an alternative, a bead can be added at the top of the cone before beginning the wire wrapped loop.

Step 8

Before wrapping the loop, add one end of your clasp.

Step 9

Finish the wire wrap by wrapping the wire down to the cone.

Step 10

Cut off the excess wire.

Step 11

One end is finished.

Step 12

Repeat steps 6-10 to finish the other end of the necklace.