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Monica Rich Kosann Jewelry

About Monica Rich Kosann Jewelry

Designed to offer her customers heirlooms for generation, Monica Rich Kosann has created a jewelry collection of lockets and pendant necklaces through which a woman can tell her life's story. In choosing motifs such as the crescent moon, owls, telescopes or the compass, Kosann evokes a sense of timeless memories. Her goal is to maintain the elegance of design while capturing the essence of fashion. The memories we create each day of our lives are to be lived with and celebrated and it is this universal idea that Monica focuses on in her jewelry collections.

Monica Rich Kosann Design Philosophy

Portrait photographer Monica Rich Kosann works actively with people to create images in which people's treasured memories and most cherished possessions are integrated into their daily lives through the fine-art photography she produces. Several years ago she began scouring flea markets and antique shops for powder compacts, lockets and even cigarette cases with vintage elements which could be repurposed to hold family photographs. As demand increased, she began to design her own unique collection of jewelry and accessories until she is now sold on an international level. Celebrating memories is the essence of Monica Rich Kosann's design philosophy and aesthetic.