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Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

Get started for this project of Minnie Mouse Party Ideas. It's very useful and creative. Hope you like it!



Black Cardstock
White Cardstock
Red polka dot scrapbook paper
Adhesive squares
7/8″ Red Double Faced Satin Ribbon
White buttons
Glue gun
Glue sticks
Fray Check
To begin you will need something to create your circles with.
If you have a circle cutter, awesome!
If not a couple different size bowls work great,
especially a Dora the Explorer cereal bowl!
Using your largest circle (enter Dora cereal bowl)
trace onto the black cardstock.
Next, trace the small bowl.
Do this two times, about an inch apart where the ears would be.

Now it’s time to cut out your Minnie Mouse shape.

Trace a large circle (Dora bowl) on the red polka dot paper and

cut the paper in half.
Using adhesive squares (or an adhesive of your choice) attatch the
edges of the red half circle to the bottom edge of the
Minnie Mouse shaped cardstock.
You only want to attatch the edges because the
half circle will serve as a pocket.

Now you’ll want to cut your ribbon into 10″ strips.

Tie each strip in to a basic bow. Cut the edges of the

ribbon at a slant and seal with Fray Check.

Using the glue gun, glue the bow onto Minnie’s ears.

Next glue 2 buttons about an inch apart on the red half circle.

Minnie Mouse Party Ideas - {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}

Now you’re ready to put something inside the pocket. You could add the

party information or a picture of your child.
If you’re like Daisey you can put the “boring” invitation inside of it.

Minnie Mouse Party Ideas - {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}

The Minnie Mouse Party invitations were a hit!

And, the girl was happy.