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Mini Watermelon Bags

Today I am kicking off the year with these adorable Mini Watermelon Bags. They are great for spring, summer, outdoor parties or just for fun!


Martha Acrylic Paints / Small Muslin Bags / Martha Paint Brushes

Mini Watermelon Bag supplies
If you know me at all, you know I do not like rulers and precision… it cramps my artsy style.  If you are with me on that, then this is the quick project for you!  I am all about organic free handing and don’t stress if all your bags look a little different – it’s better that way!

First, I cut a paper plate to fit inside my muslin bags so the paint would not bleed through.  Then, I selected two shades of green paint and three shades of pink/coral paint.

I started with the outer green rind first.  Use your darker green shade first and paint a simple arc pattern.  Then come back in with the lighter green color next.

Follow the same concept for the fruit portion of the watermelon.  I started with my neon pink first, then a rosy pink color and the center (or corner of the bag) I used a gorgeous coral color.

After the paint had dried, I used a black permanent marker to draw on the watermelon seeds.

Mini Watermelon Bag steps

Mini Watermelon Bag
I love the cheerfulness of these Mini Watermelon bags… plus, they are sign of more warmer weather to come!

Mini Watermelon Bag heart
These would be so fun to pass out at your next outdoor barbecue as little party favors.

Mini Watermelon Bag

How to DIY these adorable Mini Watermelon Bags, Delineate Your Dwelling

How to DIY these adorable Mini Watermelon Bags, Delineate Your Dwelling