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Metal Stamping

Step 1

Lay the silver piece on a bench block. Use a piece of masking tape to hold the piece down and to use as a guide for the lettering.

Step 2

Choose the first metal stamp. Hold the stamp so that the impression will be right side up. Some stamps have thumb notches to ensure that the letter is right side up.

Step 3

Line up the letter to be stamped using the reflection in the silver and the masking tape.

Step 4

Hold the stamp straight up and down. Using a 16oz household hammer, hit the top of the letter stamp with one good hard blow.

Step 5

This should leave a clean, deep impression of the letter or design.

Step 6

Continue stamping the silver. Line up the next letter using the reflection.

Step 7

Continue stamping until you have completed your saying or design. See our Antiquing Silver Technique to learn how to use liver of sulfur or a permanent marker to make the letters or designs in your stamped silver stand out.