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Maniamania Inspired Rough-cut Crystal Necklace

This one is incredibly easy to make, and something you can wear every day. I wear mine all the time.


Materials:  7 6mm Jump Rings, 5 large (12mm x 16mm) end caps, about 16-18″ brass curb chain

Pliers, E6000 Glue, Lobster Clasp, 5 large rough cut quartz crystals

A word about the crystals…  get the largest size – 1″+.  I bought the 2lb bag and many of the crystals were not the right size, but within the bag there were several suitable options.


Start by loading up an end cap with glue.  Seriously… use a lot of glue.


Stuff a crystal into the end cap.


Repeat 5x, and allow to dry (preferably overnight.)


Attach a jump ring to the top of each pendant.


Attach your pendants to the chain.  I spaced them out, one pendant every 5 links.



Attach a clasp to one end and a large jump ring to the other, and you are done!  (Pretty easy, right?)