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Making an S-Link with Multi-Sized Looping Pliers

Step 1

Begin by flush cutting the end of a 3-inch piece of wire.

Step 2

To make the small loop of the link, grasp the very end of the wire with the second smallest part of the looping pliers. These looping pliers are able to make 6 different size loops.

Step 3

Rotate the pliers to create a complete loop.

Step 4

Grasp the wire just above the loop with the base of the looping pliers.

Step 5

The wire will be looped around the largest part of the looping pliers.

Step 6

Pull the wire back, down and around the pliers.

Step 7

Reposition your pliers by opening them and pivot your pliers so the bottom tip is now on the side.

Step 8

Continue pulling the wire around the plier to create a completed loop.

Step 9

Remove the s-link from the pliers.

Step 10

Make a flush cut with the wire cutters just below where the wires cross.

Step 11

Your link is now complete.

Step 12

If the loops are slightly open, close them with the chain nose pliers.

Step 13

Congratulations, you have now completed an s-link. Try making several and incorporating them into a necklace or earrings.