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Making a Clasp - Spiral Hook

Step 1

Make a spiral as shown in the Spiral Head Pin technique steps 1-13.

Step 2

Grasp the wire at the base of the spiral with the round nose pliers.

Step 3

Pull the wire around the round nose pliers until it touches the spiral.

Step 4

Grasp the spiral with the chain nose pliers. Make sure that part of the spiral is showing. Pull the wire down - forming it against the spiral.

Step 5

Reposition the spiral in the chain nose pliers. Again, pull the wire down - forming it to the base of the spiral.

Step 6

Using the base of the round nose pliers, grasp the wire directly above the spiral.

Step 7

Pull the wire down and around the pliers until the wire touches the spiral.

Step 8

Use the wire cutters to cut the end of the wire off at about the point when it meets the spiral.

Step 9

Then grasp the end of the wire with the tips of the round nose pliers.

Step 10

Slightly bend the wire back. This will put a soft bend in the wire and finish the hook.

Step 11

Congratulations! You have made a spiral hook clasp.

Step 12

To harden the clasp without changing its shape, place the clasp on a steel bench block. Then use a nylon hammer or plastic mallet. Hammer the clasp several times.

Step 13

Hardening the clasp will help the clasp keep its shape.