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Macrame Bracelet

Macrame bracelets are easy to make, and lots of fun! If you make this bracelet with hemp thread, it will look more thick. If you use embroidery thread or crochet cotton, it will look fine and thin. Either way, it ends up looking awesome!

Step 1: Materials:

Macrame bracelet 004.JPG
You will need:
-Embroidery thread, crochet cotton, or hemp thread ( I used embroidery thread because it's all I had at the moment.)
-Paper clip
-Thumb tack/ nail
-Bracelet clip

Step 2: Measuring

Pick two colors of thread. The one you want your bracelets main color to be ( I chose red) cut 4 1/2 feet. With your other color measure your wrist with the thread than add 5" to the measurement, than times by two. ( My wrist 6" + 5" = 11" x 2 = 22)

Step 3: Fold

Macrame bracelet 005.JPG
Fold each thread in half. Hold the bent ends together and tie an over hand knot leaving a small loop.

Step 4: Hang

Hang the loop on a nail in the wall or a thumb tack in a bulletin board.

Step 5: Weigh it down

Weigh it down
Macrame bracelet 005.JPG
Hold the short thread ends together ( In my case orange) and tie a over hand knot as close to the ends as you can. Bend the paper clip into a "S" shape and hook it over the knot in the orange thread, then hang something heavy on the end of the paper clip to hold those threads straight while you work on your macrame bracelet. ( I used my scissors to hag of the end)

Step 6: Tape

Now you should have two short threads weighed down by the scissors with a long thread on each side. Mark the left "red" string with a small piece of tape on the end of the thread.

Step 7: L shape

L shape
Bend the marked thread across the center threads to make an L shape and bring it behind the right thread.

Step 8: Tieing

Bring the right red thread behind the center threads and into the triangle of the L shape on the left side. Pull it through the triangle from behind, so you are pulling the thread towards you.( It really looks harder than it is, its really easy, it's just hard to take a good non confusing picture)

Step 9: The first knot

The first knot
Macrame bracelet 011.JPG
Gently pull on the left and right threads so they move along the center threads and reach the knot at the top of the bracelet. Lightly tighten the new knot.

Step 10: Repeat

Repeat steps 6, 7 and 8 except this time begin by bending the marked thread, this time on the right side, into a backwards L shape.

Step 11: Keep knotting

Keep knotting, always starting with the marked thread. It will change sides after each knot. When your bracelet fits around your wrist, remove it from the nail, and tie the bracelet clip on the end of your bracelet. Cut off extra string.

Step 12: Thats it!

Thats it!
My attempt to make a yarn macrame bracelet.....fail.
And there you go, the macrame bracelet! Here are some different macrame bracelets I've made.