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Lost in the Garden Necklace

This adorable necklace features a lone chick that has lost its way among the lush foliage of a grass garden. Fortunately for this little bird, the grass that caused it to lose its way will also protect it from predators until its mother hears its piping call. You can create this design in minutes, or use similar components to fashion your own story on a necklace.
Step one:
Add the 40x30mm celadon grass blacklip rectangle pendant and the 15mm chick mother of pearl round pendant to the sterling silver open jump ring. Make sure to open the jump ring by twisting it side to side using chain nose pliers. Never open the ends by pulling vertically away from each other as this will weaken the jump ring.

Step two:
Close the jump ring and thread through the hand-dyed silk sunflower blend ribbon, tying the ends together in a bow to finish.