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Loopdedoo Wrapped Embroidery Floss Bracelet

Loopdedoo is the most popular DIY spinning loom series. You can design your own bracelet, necklace or headband fast and easily. Get the loopdedoo spinning loom kits and do it with lots of fun!

Are you a huge fan of all the gorgeous wrap bracelets you can find in all the trendy stores? Me too! I’m here to introduce you to the Loopdedoo, a great new tool that helps you make wrapped embroidery floss bracelets, necklaces, headbands, or belts. For this tutorial, we will for making a Loopdedoo necklace but instead of around my neck, I will be using it as a wrap bracelet. Let’s get started!

Step One. First things first, you’re going to want to watch all theLoopdedoo instructional videos before attempting your first strand. They’re really well done, easy to follow, and only a few minutes each. The videos will give you a good basic understanding of how to use the Loopdedoo and some good hints on what does and doesn’t work. You might want to watch the Loopdedoo Advanced (Long Accessories) video a couple times since that’s the technique we’ll be using for these wrapped embroidery floss bracelet

Step 2. Follow the instructions in the video to measure out how much thread you’ll need to cut. The kit comes with a good amount of embroidery floss to make your first bracelet. If you don’t like their color selection, you can always use your own floss. Since we’re making a long necklace, you might want to pin the extra floss in place with an alligator clip (included in the kit.) You can see the handy pop-out drawer in the background, by the way. Love that I can keep all the supplies where I can find them!

Step 3. Following the instructions mentioned in the video, twist the wrapping strands while you turn the dial. When you reach the other end, clip loose thread in place. Then move the entire strand down, re-attach, and continue wrapping. Once again, this is all so much easier understand if you watch the video. I promise!

Step 4. Tie off ends in double knots once you’ve reached the end of your strand. Apply a bit of jewelry glue and attach the end caps. I used a pair of findings that I just happened to have but these Kumihimo End Caps would work perfectly!

Allow the glue to dry completely before wrapping your embroidery floss bracelets around your wrist and securing in place with the findings. All done and ready to wear out on the town!

There are so many different types of wraps and styles you can do with the Loopdedoo. Can’t wait to see what embroidery floss bracelets you come up with!