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Lladro Porcelain

Lladro Design Philosophy

One of the great appeals of Lladro figurines is the emotional warmth that is magically captured in porcelain. Subtle detailing like folds of fabric, facial expressions and delicate floral bouquets give Lladro pieces heart and soul. The Lladro brothers had a mission: "We want our works to be elegant, expressive, to exude life. We want them to reflect the good side of life, the positive values of human beings, everything that dignifies life." This mission is still evident today in every Lladro piece.

About Lladro

In 1953, Juan, Jose and Vicente Lladro started experimenting with porcelain, creating charming pieces in a small Moorish kiln in their home in Valencia, Spain. In 1958, the brothers decided to dedicate themselves solely to their porcelain work and opened up a warehouse in a neighboring town. It was here that they developed a special firing technique that created the signature pastel tones of Lladro pieces. Over the next few decades, the Lladro brand developed a strong following and was introduced all across the globe. The artistic vision of the Lladro brothers is still carried on every new Lladro sculpture and figurine captures the same charm and grace of the early works.