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Lenox Home Decor #LXCUTP

Lenox Design Philosophy

Walter Scott Lenox dedicated his life to the "perfection of American porcelain." Lenox's vision for excellence set the company's high standards for quality, artistry and beauty. Over 120 years later, the company continues to evolve but still relies on centuries-old craft techniques to produce extraordinary pieces that are prized all around the globe.

About Lenox

Walter Scott Lenox was born in 1859 in Trenton, New Jersey, the ceramic capital of America at the time with over 200 operating potteries. With a natural talent for drawing and a genuine fascination for clay, the young 16-year-old Lenox went to work as a decorator and designer for several Trenton potteries. Six years later he progressed to design director for two larger firms before launching Lenox's Ceramic Art Company in 1889. While Lenox's company originally offered one-of-a-kind pieces rendered in lustrous ivory china, Lenox later turned his attention to custom designed and elaborately decorated dinnerware sets. As Americans' desire for high-quality china grew, Lenox satisfied it by producing dinnerware with standardized patterns. By 1917, Lenox started using full-color lithographic decals which assured a uniform and recognizable Lenox pattern. Lenox tableware quickly became America's china of choice and half of all fine porcelain dinnerware purchased since the 1950s bears the Lenox name.