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Leather Cord Bracelet

What you will need:

leather cord, 25 30 cm (I used 0.7mm cord for this)

15 metal beads (make sure your cord fit in them!)

2 cord crimps

3 jump rings (I used two 3mm and one 1cm)

1 clasp

scissors, pair of flat-nose pliers and round-nose pliers


1) Place the leather cord in a cord crimp. If you are using thin cord like me, fold the end of the cord to make it more secure.

2) Squeeze and close the crimp with flat-nose pliers.

3) Trim the shorter end of the cord.

4) Thread all your metal beads.

5) Attach a cord crimp at the other end.

6) Add a clasp and a bigger jump ring using smaller jump rings.

And you are done! If you do not want your beads to slide, tie a knot at both sides.