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Leaf Fringe

Step 1

The thread can be the working thread from creating the beadwork, or a fresh, new thread can be added before starting the leaf fringe. Begin with the needle and thread exiting the side of a section of beadwork.

Step 2

String enough beads to make the fringe the desired length.

Step 3

Pass the needle back through the second to last bead strung.

Step 4

String as many beads as you want to form the second half of the leaf portion of the fringe, equal to the number of beads used for the first half. For example, here we used five beads on each half of the leaf portion.

Step 5

Pass back through the bead that will be the bead that transitions from the leaf to the stem.

Step 6

Pass back through the rest of the stem beads, heading back toward the beadwork.

Step 7

Stitch back through the beadwork near or along the edge, exiting the next bead where you want to add the next fringe. Fringes can be right next to each other, or there can be a bit of space between each one.

Step 8

Repeat steps 2-7 to create a second leaf fringe.

Step 9

Leaf fringe can vary in length, and doesn't need to be added coming out of every bead, the pattern can vary and be random instead of being uniform. Here we show you how you can vary your leaf fringe.

Step 10

After completing the leaf fringe, weave the thread back through the beadwork to finish off your thread.

Step 11

Continue weaving for a few inches until you reach an edge. Use sharp scissors or a thread burner to trim the thread close to the beadwork.