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Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Lapis: Magical Properties and Intense Color

Revered by the ancients and coveted by today's most stylish designers, the incredibly vivid opaque blue of the gemstone lapis lazuli has fascinated humankind for thousands of years. Lapis was prized in Babylonia, Egypt and the Middle East, often worn by royalty as a protection from evil.
For many cultures, lapis lazuli was regarded as a holy stone. In fact, artists creating pictures of the Madonna used paint created from lapis lazuli.
With its phenomenal color and those fabulous golden flecks, which seem to replicate the magic of a starry sky, lapis lazuli jewelry has held incredible allure through time. The golden points of light are not of gold as people used to think but of pyrites, due to the presence of iron.
LAPIS LAZULI: The blue stone is said to encourage harmony in relationships and is known as the stone of friendship and truth. Typically presented with a cabochon cut, lapis lazuli jewelry is rarely faceted, although it is sometimes highly polished. More about colored gemstones.
In our quest for the most exotic and classical lapis lazuli jewelry, we at Ross-Simons have assembled an eclectic collection of lapis necklaces, lapis rings, and wonderful lapis earrings ranging from Estate treasures to contemporary classics. The prices of this gemstone are largely dependent on the beauty and intensity of the color. The most popular jewelry comes in an intense, deep blue and lapis sets brilliantly in 14kt gold and sterling silver.
Lapis is mined in Afghanistan, Argentina, Canada, Chile, and the US (California and Colorado).
Lapis Jewelry Care & Handling

Unlike all other blue pigments, which tend to pale in the light, lapis jewelry is relatively fade-resistant. Lapis Lazuli jewelry can easily be scratched or chipped. Water will dissolve its protective coatings so rings should be taken off during household work! It is a relatively soft gem, rated 5-6 on the Mohs scale.