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Lace Hair Bow


RIBBON (for each bow):

1pc of 1 Solid grosgrain ribbon, long about 14

1pc of 5/8 swiss dot grosgrain ribbon, long about 14

White Lace Ribbon’wide 5/8Ý, long about 7

Clip ¡Both alligator or French Barrette as you want. I would recommend using a 1 3/4 alligator or small French Barrette.

Step 1: Gule the 5/8 swiss ribbon on 1 grosgrain ribbon with double faced adhesive.

Step2: Make a pinwheel bow with the double layered ribbon.

Step3: Make a tie bow with the lace ribbon.

Step 4: Tie the lace tiebow on the pinwheel bow with thread. Then make the center part with 5/8 swiss grosgrain ribbon.