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Kusudama Origami Wedding Party Jewelry Set

So I'm pretty new at this stuff, but I'm engaged and we both like to be creative about our planning. This instructable sort of spurred off of other origami ideas we found online. We liked the Kusudama bridal bouquet ball we found. However, while trying to make this, we explored a little and came up with some ideas for making origami wedding sets. We haven't actually finished a set yet because we haven't decided on our colors, but here are some ideas for a full set. Obviously you could make all different sizes of flowers for the necklaces and connect them in different ways.

Step 1: The Kusudama Origami Fold

Picture of The Kusudama Origami Fold

For this instructable, I will quickly go through the folds for a standard Kusudama origami flower. If the instructions are not clear enough, you can find them in several other locations online. Unlike the other instructions we've found online, we cut up each petal into many different sized petals (you will see this later). As such, you can experiment with different sized squares to start out with (and therefore different sizes and numbers of petals). I decided to start with six 2 inch by 2 inch squares that I cut out of a larger origami sheet. The effect of the kusudama origami fold is most effective when the paper is different colors on front and back. I've tried it with blue and orange on one side and white on the back.

Step 2: First Fold

Picture of First Fold

Fold each sheet in half diagonally to make a triangle. They should all be folded with the same color exposed.

Step 3: Second Fold

Picture of Second Fold

Hold the triangle with the fold towards you. Then fold each corner of the fold up towards the top. After you do so to both sides, you should have a diamond shape as in the pictures.

Step 4: Third Fold

Picture of Third Fold

Once you have the diamond, you will take each flap and fold it in half so that the inside of the flap now runs along the outer edge of the diamond. You are doing this only to create a crease fold for the next step. Once your paper looks like the last picture, go to the next step.

Step 5: Next Fold

Picture of Next Fold

Now unfold the flap again and open it. Once its open press it so that it folds down along the crease you just made as in the picture. Do so on both sides.

Step 6: Next Fold

Picture of Next Fold

Now take the tip of the fold you just created and fold it inward along the line down from the tip of the diamond. Do so on both sides.

Step 7: Next Fold.

Picture of Next Fold...

Now fold the flaps along the crease again as pictured above. Add glue to one surface of the folded flap on one side, spread it out, and wrap the paper so that the two flaps come together. It should look like the last picture when you bring the two flaps together and glue them. This will be one petal on your flower.

Step 8: Gluing

Picture of Gluing

Make sure to use enough glue (cover the whole flap, but not too much or it will push into the petal), and use clothes pins to hold it shut until the glue dries (about half an hour for elmers glue).

Step 9: Cutting the petal into petals.

Picture of Cutting the petal into petals.

Now that you have six petal prepared, cut each individual petal into slices of different sizes. Try to keep the sizes of the slices consistent between all of the larger petals. I cut these petals into three different sizes, as you can see in the pictures.

Step 10: Spacing and fluffing

Picture of Spacing and fluffing

Now use a pin or paperclip to push out the sides of the petals and make them rounder. You can also separate the three tabs in the center of the petal.

Step 11: Sorting

Picture of Sorting

Put all of the like sizes together from each larger petal.

Step 12: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

Put all of the like sized petal together. Decide if you like 5 or 6 petals for each. Once you have them arranged as you like them, glue the inside of petals together. Allow the glue to dry for about a half hour. You can use a pin to add glue to select areas to reinforce the petals. Once dry, I put a small bead in the center for aesthetics, as you can see in the next picture. I used a little glue to keep it in.

Step 13: Hardware and Finishing

Picture of Hardware and Finishing

I didn't take pictures of this, but I used clear nail polish to coat the jewelry, making it a little firmer, and slightly water proof, depending on how many layers you use. For the hardware, you can buy basic jewelry hardware (earrings, metal loops, chains, and clasps) at most craft stores. Make sure to have a few pairs of needle nose pliers or jewelry pliers. I made small stud earrings (that don't dangle) out of the smallest flowers. I will post pictures when they are done.

Otherwise, you can change up the color to make your wedding colors, and as I under stand from my research online, paper jewelry can last for years if properly coated and cared for.