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Knotting Stretch Magic

Step 1

Cut the Stretch Magic to about 12 inches. Begin stringing your beads onto the elastic.

Step 2

After you have strung your last bead, cross the right end of the elastic over the left end.

Step 3

Wrap the right end behind and around the left end, beginning to form a square knot. Pull the ends so the knot is close to the beads.

Step 4

Cross the left end of the elastic over the the right end.

Step 5

Wrap the left end behind and around the right end, completing the square knot.

Step 6

Pull the Stretch Magic tight.

Step 7

Once the knot is tight, carefully cut off the excess Stretch Magic.

Step 8

Apply a drop of Hypo Tube Cement to the knot and let dry completely to secure the knot.