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Knotted Loop Tassel Ball Chain Necklace

The knotted loop on this double-strand necklace transforms bead charms into a pretty tassel that coordinates perfectly with a t-shirt or cami. Best of all, this cute necklace takes just minutes to make–even for beginner jewelry makers!



First, take the existing connectors off of both necklaces. Simply pop each end of the ball chain out by sliding it toward the middle of the connector.

Next, attach one of the special cup connectors to each of the newly freed ball chain ends. Simply place the last ball onto one half of the cup and close the other half of the connector over the top, using a smooth jaw pliers.

Open one jump ring and slide two of the connectors onto it. Close the jump ring to complete one end of your necklace.

The stone and metal flower dangler beads come on head pins that already have a loop on one end. Add jump rings to each one of these loops.

Thread one of the free necklace ends through each jump ring, adding the danglers in any order you want. Take the other necklace end and thread it back through those jump rings in the opposite direction—this will help your danglers cluster nicely.

Open another jump ring and add the remaining two connector ends. Slide on the lobster clasp as shown below, then close the jump ring to complete your necklace.

Holding the dangler cluster in one hand and the lobster clasp in the other, knot your necklace to create the tassel effect.

Pull the chain tightly.

Note: Special thanks to our friends at Darice for this awesome and easy project idea. The top picture is theirs (used with permission) and we took the step out photos as we recreated this pretty necklace for ourselves.