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Knitted Bag

Make this cute knitted bag!

Step 1: What you need

What you need
What you need to make this - 1. Yarn ( any color will work. ) 2. Knitting needles ( doesn't really matter what size but I use US8 5. 0mm. ) 3. Scissors ( best to use sewing scissors, or regular scissors that can cut yarn easily. ) 4. A needle ( Sewing one. ) 5. A button 6. Thread ( any color is fine but it looks best if you use the same color as your yarn. ) 7. A bit of patience ( this can take more than 3 hours to make. )

Step 2: Casting on

Casting on
Ok, now that you've got your supplies it's time to start. - Cast on 20 stiches.

Step 3: Making a knit row

Making a knit row
Now that you've got your 20 stiches it's time to make a knit row. - Make 1 knit row

Step 4: Finishing the Knit rows

Finishing the Knit rows
Now you're done with your first knit row. - Make 84 more knit rows. Once your done you should have 85 knit rows.

Step 5: Binding off

Binding off
Now you have 85 knit rows! - bind off all stiches, stop when one stich remains.

Step 6: Finishing binding off

Finishing binding off
put loops through each other. Cut end 6" from project. Pull the end through loop and tighten.

Step 7: Darning in your ends

Darning in your ends
Now your project is binded off - darn in your ends

Step 8: Sewing your bag together

Sewing your bag together
Fold piece ( wrong side showing ) to form a square with a 2" flap. Sew side edges together to form a pocket.

Step 9: Sewing the button

Sewing the button
Sew/Stich the button at the center on the front of your bag right below the flap.

Step 10: Making the loop

Now you've got your button sewed on the bag! - cut a piece of yarn from skein ( about 8" ). Tie yarn on flap ( top middle ), ( double knot ). Loop yarn around button & tie in Same place as the other knot ( make one knot then take off button and make the 2nd knot ).

Step 11: Making the handle

Making the handle
Now that you've got your bag it's time to make the handle! - cut 3 yarn pieces ( same size ) & make them however long you want your handle to be ( you can make the handle bigger or smaller depending how big you are ). Braid the 3 pieces together & knot both ends.

Step 12: Connecting the handle to the bag

Connecting the handle to the bag
Inside out your bag. Get your needle & thread, & place your handle end on the bag ( top right along the seam ). Sew/Stich your handle onto the bag. Now do the same thing on the left side.

Step 13: Enjoy!

Now that your done you can enjoy your bag you made!