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Kids Pop Art Necklaces

Now, we will share you with the project of DIY kids pop art necklace. It sounds interesting and creative, right? Hope you will love it and give a try to DIY!

Supplies needed to make your own kids pop art necklaces:

  • Pop Art Necklace Kit (The kit includes chains & cords, plastic bottle caps, pre-printed art, beads & clear bubble caps.)
  • Markers

Pop bottle cap necklace kit

Step 1: Choose the pieces and parts you’d like to use for your individual kids pop art necklace. Color the line art if necessary. Place the art inside the bottle cap.

Add art inside the bottle cap

Step 2: Remove the backing from one of the clear bubble caps and place on top of the art, inside the bottle cap. Press firmly to secure.

Pop bottle cap necklace bubble cap

Step 3: Add beads to either a cord or chain, add your bottle cap, add more beads.

Voila! Your very own kids pop art bottle cap necklace.

Kids Pop art bottle cap necklaces