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Kauila Necklace

In Hawaiian folklore, Kauila was a mythical sea turtle that kept a watchful eye on children and provided fresh water for her people. The magical sea turtle style of Kauila certainly fills this necklace. The beautiful lampwork beads are the perfect complement to the organic and tropical style of the WireLace strands. The shaped WireLace sections add enchanting dimension to the simple piece. Discover more fun ideas for using WireLace in this Artbeads Cafe episode. Whether you want to create colorful fun or bold dimensional beauty in your designs, WireLace can help you!

Step one:
Cut a length of WireLace 6mm brass ribbon and a length of WireLace 6mm aqua ribbon approximately 30 inches long, each. Add four Grace Lampwork turtle cove lentil beads to both Wire Lace strands and space out the beads as desired. Shape and stretch the WireLace around the beads with your fingers to give it curves and a "fluffier" appearance.

Step two:
Sew beading thread into the WireLace, in front of the first lampwork bead on the strand. Make a knot and go through the lampwork bead. Add four 5-7mm green keshi freshwater pearls to the thread and go through the next lampwork bead. Add four pearls, go through the next lampwork bead and continue. Once your thread is coming out of the last lampwork bead, bring your thread into the WireLace and make a knot. Trim your thread and shape the WireLace more, if desired.

Step three:
Knot the ends of your WireLace strands together, apply adhesive to the knot and insert it into a JBB 4mm antique brass tube swivel crimp end cap. Attach one half of the gold-plated brass tulip toggle clasp to the end cap using a 5.5mm gold-plated 21 gauge open jump ring. For help opening and closing jump rings, please see our Jump Ring Handy Tip Video. Repeat this step for the other end of the necklace.