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Katie's Toggle Bracelet

Katie Hacker created this amazing bracelet to show you just how beautifully Dakota Stones gemstones work together. Dumortierite, pyrite and blue apatite all come together for a stylish look that can be worn with anything. Learn how to make this bracelet and discover what Dakota Stones can bring to your designs! See more of this bracelet and watch Katie and Kristal Wick present other ideas for Dakota Stones gemstones in this Beads, Baubles and Jewels segment.
Step one:
Cut two lengths of jewelry wire approximately ten inches long each. String the following pattern onto each strand. For the double-drilled beads, you will be using the same bead on each strand, just different stringing holes:
  • One Dakota Stones dumortierite 10x20mm double-drilled bead
  • One Dakota Stones blue apatite 4mm round bead
  • One TierraCast antique silver 5mm beaded heishi spacer
  • One Dakota Stones pyrite 6mm faceted roundel bead
  • One spacer
  • One 4mm blue apatite round
Repeat this pattern five times and then add one last dumortierite bead to the strands.

Step two:
Crimp the ends of the strands to the loop of the TierraCast antique silver deco diamond clasp set using a sterling silver 2x2mm crimp tube for each strand. For help with crimping, please see our Crimp Tool Handy Tip. Cover the crimps with two 4mm silver-plated crimp covers. You can find out more about using crimp covers with this Handy Tip.

Step three:
Crimp the other end of the bracelet to a sterling silver 3.9mm open jump ring using crimp tubes and crimp covers. Attach two jump rings to that and then attach two more jump rings to those jump rings. Attach the bar of the toggle clasp set to these linked jump rings using one last jump ring.