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June Bride Bracelet Project

It's a best choice to DIY a strand of bride bracelet for your lover in the wedding day. It's very meaning and unique. Surely your lover will be happy and surprised to get such a creative gift. Now, let's get started from our DIY.

1) Unravel the silk cording from the card and put a knot in the non-needle end about 6-10" from the end (just leave the tail long enough to be able to work with it again after knotting all of the pearls.

2) With the needle end of the cording now, slide the first Swarovski pearl onto the silk cord and up against the knot that you made. Using the knotting tool, make a knot right next to the pearl to "trap" it on the cording (watch the video for how to use a knotting tool for a demo). Now continue to thread pearls on and then secure them with knots until you have 18 pearls on the cord (you may use less pearls than this to achieve the bracelet length desired). Make sure to secure the last pearl that you thread on with a knot as well.

3) Now you have a knotted length of pearls that need to be attached to the clasp. To do this, pick up the clasp and look at from the side. You'll see that there is a vertical bar that is connected between the top of the clasp and the bottom of the clasp. You want to attach your knot to this bar. With your tweezers (watch the video for how to hand knot strands for a demo) knot the remaining cording around this vertical bar and then secure the knot with a spot of glue. Allow the glue to cure completely and then you're done!

Quantity of Items Needed
18 Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5810 10mm White (PR0200)
1 Fleur de Lis Fold Over Clasp with Pav