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Jube Lolly Christmas Tree Ball

This project is quite tricky as you have to hold the sweets as they dry. You could also press a pin into the lolly to hold it while it dries.

What you need

Bag of jube lollies
White Craft Glue
Polystyrene ball

Instructions of Jube Lolly Christmas Tree Ball

Start by placing some glue onto the ball and onto the sweet and holding till it dries. You can push a pin into the lolly to hold it while it dries. Continue doing this till the whole ball is covered in sweets.

Once it has dried use the white craft glue to secure any areas that appear to be loose by coating the ball with a thick coat of the glue. (glue will dry clear).

Once the ball is dry using a spray varnish or a paint on varnish coat the ball so that all the sweets and covered in varnish. This is important. If you don’t, bugs will start nibbling away at your decoration trying to get to the sugar.

Use some glue to secure a small loop of ribbon to the ball so you can hang it onto your tree.

While this looks lovely it is not advised to store this decoration. It is really a one time use decoration.