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Jingle Bell DIY Christmas Garland

For this project, we will introduce the easiest ways of Jingle Bell DIY Christmas Garland.

Supplies needed to make your own jingle bell DIY Christmas garland:

  • Cluster Lights
  • Six 2.75″ Jingle Bells (I used red)
  • Jute Cord
  • White Mesh Jute Ribbon
  • Jute with Burlap Flowers
  • 1/4″ Satin Ribbon (I used red and white)
  • Scrap Fabric

Start by straightening out your lights. This could be the hardest part of the entire craft! I promise. Cut pieces of jute and the jute with burlap flowers the length of your strand.  Tie them in a knot around one side of the light strand. Twist the jute around the lights.

Using the red ribbon, tie the jingle bells on around the cord and jute.

Tie on all your jingles bells  first to make sure they are equally spaced apart. The easiest way to do this is to lay your garland out on the floor so you can see where you are placing everything. Once my jingle bells were tied on, I tied on ribbon, white jute, and scraps of fabric to the garland.  There was no specific placement. I just placed them between the bells to fill out the DIY Christmas garland.

Aren’t those red jingle bells with the stars, the cutest? I also love the detail the little burlap flowers add along with the mesh white jute. It really adds that holiday charm to my mantel. It’s starting to look a little festive around here!

Happy Holiday decorating!