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Jewellery Findings Guide (Six)

Here is a tutorial of sharing you the functions of different kinds of jewelry findings. Hope you will like it and continue reading it from here.


Cuff Link Actions are the functional component in a cuff link closure. This hinged finding assembled allows the inside bar to be turned 90 degrees after inserting it through the button hole of a shirt cuff, thereby holding the cufflink on the cuff.


Earring Findings. Most jewellery wearers will have a good understanding of the difference between the various earring typesStud earrings or post earrings are short lengths of straight metal, with a cup, plate or claw setting at one end. A butterfly back is required to keep the earring on. Hoop earringsare circles of wire, available in many diameters which can come with extra loops to add dangles. Hoops can have a hinged closure, one wire end can tuck into the other, or they can have a post and butterfly. Earwires range from a fish hook shape (often with a spring and ball embellishment, and a small loop for adding dangles to) to the very delicate kidney wire (shaped wire without any embellishment). Earwires either sit through the ear, or close by tucking the back end of the earwire behind a hook.

52. Bullet Back Stoppers & Clutch Backs

Bullet Back Stoppers are a bullet shaped component that fastens to an earring post to secure an earring against the ear.

53. Butterfly Stoppers & Clutch Backs

Butterfly Stoppers butterfly shaped components that fastens to an earring post to secure an earring against the ear.

54. Comfort Discs

Comfort Discs are soft plastic discs that fit over the post of a pierced ear earring to provide comfort to the wearer through a cushioning effect.

Jewellery Findings - Comfort Discs

55. Ear Clip Earrings

Ear Clips are a two part attachment at the back of an earring , with the two parts closing around the ear lobe to hold the earring in place. As mechanical pressure is used there is no need for pierced ears.

56. Fish Hook Earwires

Fish Hook Earwires are as the name suggests a fish hook shaped finding used to make earrings. The hook end passes through the pierced ear, while an ornament hangs from the other end. They are otherwise known as French ear wires.

57. Hook Earrings

Jewellery Findings - Hook Earwires

58. Hoop Earrings

59. Kidney Earwires

Kidney Earwires are earring wires formed into a kidney shape, to which dangling earrings are attached. Used with pierced ears they are generally closed, as opposed to a fishhook earwire which remains open.


60. Lever Back Earrings 

Lever Back Earrings are a hook shaped ear wire that is hinged to a spring loaded closure at the base of the hook. In the open position, the ear wire passes through a pierced earlobe and the closure piece is then snapped shut against the ear wire to secure it into place.

61.Omega Clip

Omega Clips are a wire clip earring finding shaped like the Greek letter omega. The omega wire pivots from one end of a yoke or joint which is attached directly to the earring.

62. Posts

Earring Posts are pin based earring findings that are passed through a pierced earlobe and secured at the back with an earring stopper or clutch.

63. Screw Clip Earrings & Screw Back Earrings

Screw Clip Earrings are ear clips that have a threaded screw that tightens an earing against a non pierced earlobe allowing the tension to be adjusted for comfort and security.


64.Stud Earwires

Jewellery Findings - Stud Earwires

65. Threaded Posts

Threaded Posts are earring posts that have been threaded and require similarly threaded earring stoppers.

Jewellery Findings - Threaded Earring Posts