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Jewellery Findings Guide (Seven)

Here is a tutorial of sharing you the functions of different kinds of jewelry findings. Hope you will like it and continue reading it from here.


Also called Necklace End Connectors

End Bars are findings used to attach a single strand clasp to a multi strand necklace. Typically one side of the bar will have a single loop with the opposite side have multiple loops depending on how many are required for the design.

Jewellery Findings - End Bars


End Caps and End Cones are primarily used to conceal knots, crimp beads and the end of chain before the connection is made to a clasp. With their relatively large opening they are especially useful for merging several strands into a single point before attaching a clasp or other jewellery finding.

Jewellery Findings - End Caps, End Cones


Eye Pins are short lengths of wire ending in a turned loop. Add a few choice beads turn or wrap a loop at the other end and this turns the eye pin into a dangle. Dangles can be added to chain, wire, thread and earring components giving movement to a piece of jewellery as well as looking pretty. They can also be used to make beaded links using a turned loop to join to the next link.

Jewellery Findings - Eye Pins


Also described as Thong Ends or Cord Ends

Folding Crimps are used when stringing with lengths of leather, suede, ribbon or even chain. They are used at the ends of a design, having an integral end loop for attaching to a clasp or a jump ring. The width of the thong or cord should fit neatly into the width of the folding crimp. The thong or cord end should be laid in to the middle of the crimp, using a drop of glue for added security, and then the first fold should be closed over it followed by the second. Suitable pliers should then be used to fully close the folding crimp neatly and securely.

Jewellery Findings - Folding Crimps, Thong Ends, Cord Ends



Barettes are decorative bars with a pin or clasp mounted on the back for use as a hair ornamnet. They often incorporate openwork areas that can be wired with beads and other decorative components to create a unique design for weddings or party wear.

71. Hair Comb

78. Hair Grip Slides

Jewellery Findings - Hair Grips, Kirby Grips, Bobby Pins

79.Hat Pins

Hair Pins are long metal pins with a decorative head that are used to fix a hat in place by passing the pin through the hat and then the wearers hair.