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Jewellery Findings Guide (Nine)

Here is a tutorial of sharing you the functions of different kinds of jewelry findings. Hope you will like it and continue reading it from here.


Ring Blanks are used to create fashionable jewellery rings. Ring blanks come in a variety of styles including plain ring bands, filigree ring blanks for wirework, glue on flat pad ring blanks for adding embellishments, cabochon ring blanks with claws or recesses, rivoli ring blanks for chatons, as well as sieve plate ring blanks and looped beading ring blanks for making bling rings, cha cha rings or cluster rings.


Scarf Clips are hinged components that typically include a flat surface to allow an ornament to be attached. Alongside this decoration is an open ring through which the scarf is pulled. The component is then folded onto itself holding the scarf in place around the wearers neck.


Screw Eyes are a short length of wire with a loop turned at one end. The straight end of wire is glued into half drilled beads and pearls to create drops

Jewellery Findings - Drops, Dangles


Spacer Bars or Separator Bars are designed for multi strand necklaces or bracelets, with the number of holes in the spacer bar usually determining the number of strands in the jewellery design. Their function is to hold the strands equally apart and aligned along the length of the piece and are useful in necklaces where the curve of the neckline would otherwise force the strands of a design on top of one and another, causing them to tangle. They can also be used to create a step change in the number of strands in a necklace.


Split Rings do the same job as jump rings but, with multiple rings of wire running in parallel like key chain rings, they are more secure. To add a component to a split jump ring it has to be twisted around the rings of wire right to the centre.


Also known as Cord Ends or Folding Crimps

Thong Ends are used when stringing with lengths of leather, suede, ribbon or even chain. They are used at the ends of a design, having an integral end loop for attaching to a clasp or a jump ring. The width of the thong or cord should fit neatly into the width of the folding crimp. The thong or cord end should be laid in to the middle of the crimp, using a drop of glue for added security, and then the first fold should be closed over it followed by the second. Flat nosed pliers should then be used to fully close the thong end neatly and securely.

Jewellery Findings - Folding Crimps, Thong Ends, Cord Ends


Wine Glass Charm Rings or Wine Glass Markers provide a decorative addition to stemware, as well as helping to identify whose drink is whose! Beads, charms or crystals are added to a wire ring which is then placed around the glass stem before being closed. Wine glass charm rings can be made to suit any season, occasion or party theme, with weddings being a favourite as they also double as wedding favours for guests to take home with them.

Jewellery Findings - Wine Glass Charms


Wire Guardians are designed to protect stringing wire from wear and tear against clasps and other findings whilst also ensuring a polished, professional finish. These horseshoe shaped components have a pre-curved channel into which the wire is placed and turned back on itself before being secured with a crimp bead.