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Jellyfish Craft

This project is great for the classroom or lesson plan activities. Use simple supplies to create a jellyfish.

Jellyfish Craft

What you need

1 Kitchen Sponge (without scrubber side)
5 Strands of Yarn (20" each)
2 Googly Eyes
1 Large Paperclip or 4 1/2" Piece of Wire


Cut the sponge into the shape of a jellyfish body.

Make the wire into a “U” shape. (If using a paperclip, straighten entire paperclip and then form the “U” shape.)

Wrap the yarn over the wire (or paperclip).

Insert ends of wire (paperclip) into bottom of sponge. Press firmly to secure.

Glue googly eyes onto jellyfish body.

All done!