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It's a Hoot Bracelet Project

Various large hole beads line the length of this fun to make and easy to wear bracelet.
1) Unscrew the one end of the bracelet and thread on a stopper bead.

2) Thread on a metal spacer bead, a glass bead, another metal spacer bead and another glass bead. Now thread on the owl bead.

3) Thread on a glass bead, a metal spacer bead, the last glass bead and the last metal spacer bead. Thread on the last stopper bead. Screw the bracelet end back on to finish the bracelet.

Quantity of Items Needed

1 European Style 7-1/2" Snake Bracelet 2.9mm Silver Plated
2 Round Bead Stoppers 8mm Silver Plated
4 Spiral Large Hole Beads 11x6mm Pewter Antique Silver Plated
1 Owl Large Hole Bead 12x8mm Pewter Antique Silver Plated
4 Lampwork Glass Beads Large Hole 13x8mm Aqua/White