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Interlocking Loops

1. Attach your thread and bring your needle out through the edge of the seam. Pick up a bead and go down through the edge of the seam to the left of where your thread is coming out. Come back up through the edge to the right of where you went into it and go left through the bead.

2. Pick up 15 beads and make a loop by going left through the anchor bead again. Continue up and around through the first 8 of the 15 you just added.

3. Pick up 20 more beads and anchor the last of them by going down through the fabric one half inch to the right, coming back up through the fabric just to the right of where you went in, and going left through the bead.

4. Pick up 7 beads and go to the right through the 12th of the 20 you just added forming your second loop. Repeat the instructions contained in this and the previous paragraph until you reach the end of the seam.