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Inspired Statement Necklace

I’m always fascinated by how things are made and realized that the rope portion of the necklace could easily be assembled using some rope and either ribbon or metallic tape to close it off into a figure eight shape.



 Here are the steps.

  1. Cut two pieces of chain, each about 8″ long.
  2. Cut two pieces of rope, each about 6-7″ long.
  3. For each piece of chain, thread a piece of rope through one end.
  4. Form a loop, securing in the middle with hot glue as pictured.
  5. Use grosgrain ribbon + more glue to neatly seal off the middle of each loop, forming a figure eight.
  6. Grab your scrap of fabric, and trace the outline of your brooch.
  7. Cut out the outline, and seal with fray check.
  8. Cut out two long skinny strips of fabric.
  9. Use the long strips of fabric to attach the larger piece of fabric to the rope figure eights as pictured.
  10. Press to set, and attach your brooch.
  11. Add a clasp to one side, and a jump ring to the other and you are all done.