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Inside Out Bow

It's so fun to mix different techniques and create your own unique hair bows! Try this one out!

It is a great bow to use for the bottom layer of big stacked bows.

I used 1 1/2″ Black Striped Ribbon for my bottom layer.
I made two two-loop Inside Out bows and then sewed them together.

I did the same thing with my 7/8″ Candy Corn Ribbon.
Although, I did twist the tails and hot glue them down so you could see the printed side.


I cut my Korkers to be 4″ long. I wanted them to be about 1 1/2″ sticking up.
To cut them, I just put them on my cutting mat and used my Rotary Cutter to make even cuts.


I didn’t have a specific amount that I wanted. I just used whatever I could get from one dowel each.
This gave me three Korkers for each ribbon.

I used 3/8″ Yellow with White Swiss Dots Ribbon, 3/8″ Orange Solid Grosgrain Ribbon, and 3/8″ Black/Orange Saddle Stitch Ribbon.

I found the center of the Korkers and put them on my needle, one by one.
Make sure to put them on facing up.

When they were all on, I stitched them together.

I put my bow in the center of the Candy Corn Inside Out Bow.
My Korkers were a little long, so I trimmed them down.
(Remember to seal your ends!)

I stitched the Korker to the Candy Corn Inside Out Bow.

My Black Striped Inside Out Bow was pretty thick and it was hard to stitch through.
I just hot glued my Candy Corn Inside Out Bow to the center.

Now you just add your lined clip, and you’re done!
Maybe get some Candy Corn earrings to match.