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Incredible DIY Lavender Oil Bottle Necklace

Try for this project of Incredible DIY Lavender Oil Bottle Necklace.

Lavender oil has truly magical properties, a sort of secret power to help you to get through the hard times. It cures a headache, provides a sense of calmness and clarity and all in all alters your mood for the better. There’s a cute and simple way to carry it with you – make this necklace. For this project you’ll need small glass bottle with a cork top (find it in local craft store), small jewelry hoop screw, necklace chain, lavender seeds, lavender essential oil and water. Begin with pouring the oil, water and seeds into the glass jar. Then seal with the cork screw and twist it into the top of the cork, so it couldn’t be twisted anymore. Attach the jewelry chain through the hoop. Gently shake the bottle before use.