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Icicle Chandeliers

The classic meets contemporary in our Icicle Chandelier earrings. These earrings feature a lustrous white pearl at the center, surrounded by shining silver and sparkling crystal dangles. They display art deco style mixed with a fresh color palette, providing the perfect balance of old-world glamour and modern appeal. Such stunning style would make an excellent complement for a white wedding dress!
Step one:
Thread a Swarovski 2.5mm faceted bicone in Crystal onto a 3-inch 22 gauge sterling silver head pin, followed by a Swarovski 15mm faceted elongated bicone in Crystal and another 2.5mm Crystal bicone. Repeat two more times for a total of three dangles.

Step two:
Create a chandelier component using sterling silver 18 gauge dead soft round wire. You will use looping pliers to create three loops in the wire. Please see our Handy Tip for help with using multi-sized looping pliers. Work harden the chandelier once it's shaped using a nylon hammer. Attach a dangle from step one to each of the loops made by creating wrapped loops. Take a look at our Handy Tip for help with creating wrapped loops.

Step three:
Cut a length of sterling silver 053 flat rolo chain approximately 3 inches long. Attach one end to an outer loop of the chandelier using a stering silver 21 gauge 3.5x5.3mm oval jump ring. See our Jump Ring Handy Tip Video for more help with opening and closing jump rings.

Step four:
Cut the head off of a 3-inch head pin and thread on a Swarovski 10mm round pearl in White. Attach it to the fourth link in the chain by creating a simple loop. Find more instruction on how to create simple loops in our Handy Tip. Fold the chain in half and attach the other end of the pearl link to the fourth link on the other end of the chain by creating another simple loop. Attach this end of the chain to the other side of the chandelier using another oval jump ring.

Step five:
Attach a sterling silver stardust 4mm ball post earring to the center link in the chain. Repeat steps one through five for the other earring.