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How to Make a Christmas Wreath Ornament from Beads

How to Make a Christmas Wreath Ornament from Beads. If you're looking for a quick and easy Christmas ornament project that can be done by adults and children alike, try making a beaded Christmas wreath ornament. These ornaments have a tiny bead candle in the center to give them an extra special touch. Bead Christmas wreathes are inexpensive and...

Things You'll Need

  • 1 chenille stick
  • 50 green beads
  • 18 red  beads
  • 1 yellow 6 mm faceted bead
  • Scissors or wire cutters
  • 7-inch piece of Nylon bead wire or strong thread
  • Elmer's type glue (optional)
  • Small pliers (optional)


    • 1

      Take a chenille stick and bend one end in the shape of a hook. The hook will be ¼ to ½ inch long.

    • 2

      Feed the beads onto the long portion of the chenille stick down to the hook in this order: five green tri beads, one red tri bead, five green tri beads, one red tri bead and so on until you place all 50 of the green tri beads and 10 of the red tri beads onto the chenille stick.

    • 3

      Form the beaded portion of the chenille stick into a circle to form the ornament wreath and place the long end into the hook end. Wrap the hook end around the stick to secure the circle in place.

    • 4

      Bend the remaining chenille stick toward the inner center of the ornament wreath circle and then place the eight remaining red tri beads and the yellow faceted bead onto the stem to form a tiny candle. You can place a dab of glue onto the stem before placing the yellow bead in place to secure it.

    • 5

      Cut off the remaining excess portion of the chenille stick from the beaded ornaments. To secure the beads in place, you can also bend the very tip of the chenille stick that may be sticking up into a tiny loop form to keep the beads from sliding off the stick in order to secure the placement of beads on these Christmas wreathes.

    • 6

      Take the two ends of the 7-inch thread or nylon bead wire and tie them together to form a loop. Now loop the thread in place around the top center of the Christmas wreath ornament, by pulling one loop end of the thread through the other loop end and pulling tightly in place in order to create a hanger for the ornament wreath.