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How to Make Faux Lava Beads

Faux lava DIY bead bracelets are a great project to make for tweens all the way through older adults. They are a quick and fun group activity that can be done with crafters of all skill levels!

Supplies needed to make your own faux lava beads:

  • Premo Sculpey Ploymer Clay in Black
  • Kosher Salt or Sea Salt
  • Jewelry Kit
  • Scissors
  • Flat Nose Pliers
  • Oven, Toothpicks, Warm Water

sculpey polymer clay

Condition the polymer clay by pinching off a small chunk and rolling it in your hands. Once the clay is pliable,  form a ball to your desired size. Mine were between 1/2 inch to almost 1 inch.

sculpey polymer clay

You will need about 10 beads for a bracelet, roll more if you have larger wrists. Once all your beads are rolled, place the salt in the palm of your hand and roll the bead into the salt. Press the salt into the bead and cover it completely. Repeat this step for each bead needed.

sculpey polymer clay

Use a tooth pick to make a hole through the length of the bead. Bake in the oven at 275 for 30 minutes. Remove from the oven and allow to cool.  Once the beads are cool, wash in warm water to remove the salt crystals.

To begin stringing the beads, cut a strand two and a half times the size of your wrist. Fold the string in half and thread through the clasp as shown below, and tie in a knot.

stringing beads

Thread the beads onto the string. If you want to get more detailed, you could add small beads in between the faux lava beads.

stringing beads

Once all the beads are strung on the string, place a crimp bead on the string and then a jump ring. Loop the thread around the jump ring and back through the crimp bead. Use the flat nose pliers to crimp the crimp bead. Thread the string through the first bead.  Trim the excess string.

stringing faux lava beads

And there you have it, a cool and unique faux lava bead bracelet!