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How To Create A Birds Nest Pendant

You do not have to use two different gauge wires I just think it gives it a little more realistic look. Let us make it now! A unique pendant for you.
First you will need:

2 to 4 Beads
20 Gauge Wire and 26 Gauge Wire
Wire Cutters
Jump ring

Step 1: Attach beads and begin wraping

Attach beads and begin wraping
Put your beads (I used 3) on the wire
Bend the wire and bring the beads together in a bunch. When using 3 beads it will generally look like a triangle.
Take the beginning end of your wire and bring it across what you want to be the bottom of the birds nest. Start wrapping the rest of your wire around the bunch of beads, trying not to go over top of the beads on one side.
   *It does not need to be neat and symmetrical, on fact I think it looks better a little messy.
Once you have the general shape you want for your nest you can start weaving in and out to give the nest some firmness and shape.
At this point I cut about 6 more inches of wire from my spool and use this end to weave in and out.
You want to wrap the wire perpendicular to the previous wrap. * See picture 6
Once you have run out of wire tuck the end into the bottom.* Picture 9  Make sure it is not poking out at all or it will scratch you once you put it on a chain and ware it.

Step 2: Add your smaller gauge wire

Add your smaller gauge wire
Now I attach my smaller gauge wire and begin the process all over.
With this wire how ever I do like to wrap the main nest a litte more because it gives it a good shape and does not take away from the main wire work.
Continue until you have the shape nest you want and again tuck in the end so that it is not poking out.

Step 3: Add your jump ring and create beautiful jewelry

Add your jump ring and create beautiful jewelry
Pick what you want to be the "top" of the birds nest and insert your jump ring through as little or as much of the wire work as you would like. I recommend about half of the wire to give it strength but not so much that it can not move a little on your jewelry.
Now have fun with it!!