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Hearts on Fire Jewelry

About Hearts On Fire Jewelry

Enter the world of Hearts On Fire and experience a dazzling selection of diamond jewelry, including earrings, necklaces,rings, and bracelets. With an assortment of stylish collections ranging from classic to contemporary, suitable for occasions from the Red Carpet to your Wedding Day, Hearts On Fire offers a vast array of diamond jewelry, each with unique inspiration behind it. Shopping for the perfect diamond for any special event or holiday will be a sparkling experience with Hearts On Fire jewelry, the home of "The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond".


Hearts On Fire Design Philosophy

Live intensely. Love intensely. That is the philosophy behind all Hearts on Fire diamond jewelry creations. Founders Glenn and Susan Rothman have dedicated Hearts on Fire to being a brand that combines diamonds, crafts and technology truly like no other brand. A Hearts on Fire diamond is not simply a piece of jewelry; it is a way of life, an outlook and a perspective. And whatever treasure you ultimately decide upon, you can rest assured that your diamond jewelry has been crafted with the highest standards of quality in mind. That is the Hearts on Fire way.