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Handmade Transparent Pendant With Moss Inside

I want to show you how to close beautiful memories inside pendant.Little thing from exceptional holidays or dried petals from a bouquet given to you by someone close to your heart- all these things you can change on lovely jewelry.

Step 1: Materials

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  1. epoxy resin glue (transparent)
  2. silicone mold
  3. toothpick
  4. things you want to put in for example moss.

Prepare all necessary materials.

As a mold you can use as well plastic cup.

Inside resin you can put almost everything but it must be dry, it's the only one condition. So if you dream about little rose in pendant don't forget to dry it first !

During using resin glue irritating odor will appear that why I advice to open window when you will make your pendant.

Step 2: Pour glue inside

Pour glue inside

Pour identical portions of glue into silicone molds, then mix it.

Step 3: Glue changes color

Glue changes color

Note: The glue at some point begins to change color, but over time it becomes transparent.

Step 4: Put dried moss

Put dried moss

With the help of a toothpick place the dried moss inside pendant.

Arrange pattern according to your will. Don't rush, it will take up to 15 mins to cool down.

After this time glue becomes transparent again.

If you don't want any bubbles after you put the moss inside heat it up with dryer

Step 5: Remove the pendant

Remove the pendant

After 20 mins or more remove the pendant from silicone mold.


You can paint it with colorless nail polish.

Step 6: Ready pendant

Ready pendant

Here you can see how ready pendant looks during sunrise