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Handmade Evil Eye Bracelet

Learn the super easy methods of this strand nice evil eye bracelet jewelry. They are the symbols of fashion around the world, especially in young person. Are you ready for DIY it from this project?

Share this DIY Evil Eye Bracelet with you. It turned out fantastically and I’ve been wearing it everyday since I worked on it. This was so easy to do, inspired by a photo I saw on Instagram the other night. Since I made this, I started obsessing over Evil Eye jewelry and found this Evil Eye Ring Bracelet, how cute is that?!

If you can’t find the middle “eye” charm, feel free to use a circular shaped crystal charm to create the “eyeball”. It will have the same effect.

What you will need:

1. Measure the length of bracelet you want and cut two equal pieces of gold chain.

2. Start by taping down one end of the knotting cord (this will help with weaving the cord through the chain links without the cord fraying) and insert through the top end of the chain.

3. Pull the knotting cord through from right to left to a desired length so that you have enough slack to string through the rest of the chain.

4. Take the end of the knotting cord (the end with the tape edge), go over from this time top left to right wrapping the knotting cord around the chain and insert the end through the next link down.

5. From the image on the bottom left, you will see the wrap woven pattern you are creating. Continue doing this until you reach the mid point on the chain (count the links to ensure you are even).

6. Once you’ve reach the mid point, loop the knotting cord through the charm and working the same way as you have, w

eave the knotting cord to the next link by wrapping it from right to left and through.

7. Continue wrapping the knotting cord around the chain until you reach the end from the mid-point.

8. Repeat the same steps above on the next chain. This time you are securing the two chain together via the charm.

DIY Bracelet, DIY Evil Eye Bracelet

9. Once you’ve completed both sides, tie the ends of the knotting cords together several times.

10. Using a jump ring and pliers, attach the two chains together at the mid-point between the charm and the tied end.

DIY Bracelet, DIY Evil Eye Bracelet

11. Snip the excess knotting cord off both ends.

12. Attach the chain ends by securing one end with a closure and the other end with a jump ring.

DIY Bracelet, DIY Evil Eye Bracelet

Here you have it! Perfect for summer accessorizing and to ward off the “evil eye”!

DIY Bracelet, DIY Evil Eye Bracelet