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Handmade Coin Finger Ring

Making a finger ring by yourself is more meaningful than buying an expensive one. Let's learn how to make coin finger ring right now!

Materials and tools: half-dollar coin, 20 cent coin, a hammer, electric drill, polishing wheel, adhesive tape

1. Mark on the center of the coin.

2. Pinch the coin, hammer the edge of it carefully and twirl it at the same time.

3. 45 minutes later, stop until the acreage of the half-dollar coin is less than the 20 cents coin.

4. Punch a hole on the center with the electric drill.

5. Use this kind of drill to enlarge the hole and decide the size of the ring by yourself.

6. Polish the outside surface of the ring the ring onto drill bit which is wrapped by tape. And prepare a grinding plated, then smooth the ring and keep turning it.

7. Polish the inside of the ring with this kind of polishing grinding head.

8. Then smooth inside face with soft materials.

9. The DIY ring is OK when we finish all the above work.