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Handmade Belt with Floral Appliques

I am really into the bohemian hippie look right now. Flowers and lace look so romantic together. It’s this combination that inspired me to make a floral appliqué belt.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own handmade belt:

Sheer organza ribbon (2.5″, in ivory)
• Navy grossgrain ribbon (5/8″)
• 3 packs of satin ribbon roses
• Fabri-Tac glue
• Needle and thread
Straight pins

First you’ll want to measure your waist and cut out 2 pieces of organza ribbon that are 5″ longer than your waist. Remove the wire from the ribbon. Then stack the ribbons on top of each other and  pin along the top. Sew these two edges together, so that they form one piece that is 5″ tall.

Next, measure a piece of navy ribbon that is 10″ longer than your waist. Center and pin it on your organza ribbon length and width-wise (on top of the seam). Then sew the two together, stitching along the middle of the navy ribbon.

Now it’s time to glue the flowers on! You’ll want to put some old magazines or a plastic bag under your belt as you do this, so that it won’t stick to the table! Start off by gluing the roses on the navy ribbon.

Then add more flowers to the top and bottom of the navy ribbon. I ended up having a couple flowers left over when I was done.

To finish it off, fold the ends of the organza ribbon in so that that ribbon is the exact size of your waist. Leave an equal amount of navy ribbon off to each side of the organza one. Pin it, sew along the edge, then trim the extra organza ribbon off.

And you’re done!

I love how the belt looks with my lace dress, and I know it’ll be easy to incorporate it into other outfits, for that boho look. For you brides out there, I bet this belt would look great on a flower girl dress too!