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Hama Bead Brooches for the Ladies

There is not much that beats giving gifts to others and seeing them smile or crack up, whether it is because they find the gift adorable or just plain ridiculous. Together with 34 colleagues I visited Aalborg in Denmark a couple of days this week.



Supplies needed: An iron, beads, a brooch needle, a glue gun, baking paper and a transparent pegboard. When you have put on all the beads: Lay a sheet of baking paper on top of the beads on the pegboard and start ironing carefully. Keep the iron moving. Let it cool of a couple minutes, release the bow tie from the pegboard, put it on the baking paper and iron the other side. Now, you don’t need to be as thorough as on the front because this side won’t be visible. Use the glue gun and attach the brooch needle.


Now, go out there and spread the love!