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Gregg Ruth Jewelry

About Gregg Ruth Jewelry

The son of jewelry store owners, designer Gregg Ruth grew up surrounded by gemstones and fine jewelry. He followed his passion for jewelry and in 1977 opened his own store in Tennessee. A few years later, he launched a new venture importing luxury jewelry from Italy. In the late 1980s, Gregg Ruth moved his company to Malibu, California and eventually started creating his own diamond jewelry designs. Gregg Ruth's classic, fashionable styles quickly developed a loyal following and today his designs are revered for their unusual diamond cuts, fancy colored diamonds and patented setting techniques.

Gregg Ruth Jewelry Design Philosophy

Gregg Ruth has described his pieces as '"classic designs that can stand the test of time." At Gregg Ruth, each jewelry piece is created to reflect the company's belief that their designs are "more than ornamentation, they are a statement, an attitude, a lifestyle." Not only is every Gregg Ruth design an exceptional piece of art, it is a stellar example of fine craftsmanship.