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Golden Rose Necklace Project

Skull charm necklace is very popular now. Here I will introduce you a nice golden rose necklace project DIY.

1) Uncoil a 4" length of wire and make a wrapped loop on one end. Thread on one 6mm pearl, a 4mm rose gold rondelle and another 6mm pearl. Make another wrapped loop with the remaining wire. Uncoil another 4" length of wire from the spool and begin to make another wrapped loop. Before closing the loop completely, fit this loop onto one of the finished wrapped loops from the connector that you just made. Now, thread on one 6mm crystal round, a 4mm pearl and another 6mm crystal round. Make another wrapped loop with the remaining wire to finish this second connector. Continue to alternate back and forth making 6mm pearl connectors and then 6mm crystal round connectors until your wrapped and linked wire necklace consists of 10 pearl connectors and 9 crystal round connectors. BEFORE CLOSING THE FINAL WRAPPED LOOP be sure to attach the rose gold trigger clasp to the loop.

2) Now that the meat of the necklace is complete, let's do the other end of the necklace. To do this take all of the jump rings, open them and attach them to one another. Make sure that all but one of the jump ring are closed securely. Take the open jump ring and attach this to the free wrapped loop end of the necklace. Close this jump ring securely now and you should have a chain of jump rings coming off the end of the necklace. To accent this, take one of the 1-1/2" long rose gold headpins and thread on the 6mm rose gold bead. Begin to make a wrapped loop with the remaining headpin wire and before closing this wrapped loop, attach it to the free end of the jump ring chain that you just attached. Continue with your wrapped loop now and for the most part, your necklace is done, we just need to accent it!

3) We'll start with the large skull bead first. To assemble, take one 2" long head pin and thread on a 4mm pearl, the large skull bead and another 4mm pearl. Before attaching to the necklace, locate the center of the necklace. At this center junction (and it will be between to connectors) note the wrapped loop that is facing flush with you. This is the loop that you'll attach the large skull bead wrapped loop to. Begin to make a wrapped loop with the remaining head pin wire - you can opt to put one or two extra wraps on this loop like what is shown in the picture, or do one that is short and sweet! Before closing the wrapped loop completely, attach this wrapped loop to that center loop that you've been keeping your eye on.

4) Now, onto the two littler skull beads on either side of the larger one. You'll do the exact same thing as the step prior to this, just remember to attach the wrapped loops to those loops on the necklace that are faced towards you, not those loops that are facing up/down. As you can see from the picture, these skull beads were also attached to the next junctions on either side of the center junction. After this, just make sure that there are no wire ends that might poke or otherwise irritate you while wearing and you're done!