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Gluing on a Bail

make pendant with glue on bail and flat back cabochon


1. Adhesive


2. Glue-on bail : leaf shaped sterling silver glue-on bail or any other style you like


3. flat back glass cabochon: any material and any shape you like but please choose the flack back one



Step 1: The front surface of the glue-on pendant bail is textured. This helps to ensure a strong, secure bond between the bail and the pendant.


Step 2: Prepare the pendant by cleaning it of fingerprints, skin oils, finishing products and any other foreign matter.


Step 3: Lightly sand the back of the pendant where the bail with attach to rough up the surface. Like the texturing on the bail, this will help ensure a strong bond.


Step 4: Set the pendant front side down on your work surface. Use a soft cloth between the pendant and the work surface to prevent marring the finish.


Step 5: Apply a small amount of epoxy or E6000 to the textured surface of the bail. There should be enough adhesive to thinly coat the entire textured area.


Step 6: Turn the bail over and position it over the pendant where you want it to attach. Press the bail into place on the back of the pendant.

Step 7: Hold the connection firmly for a minute or two. Then set the piece aside and allow the adhesive to cure completely.


Step 8: If necessary, remove excess adhesive from around the attachment point and restore the finish to the surrounding area.


Step 9: String your cord or chain through the bail opening to finish.