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Gluing Flat Back Rhinestones

Step 1

Choose an item to glue the flat back rhinestones onto. We have chosen a resin teardrop slice pendant.

Step 2

Choose a color(s) of flat back rhinestones.

Step 3

Squeeze a small amount of adhesive onto a scrap piece of paper.

Step 4

Use a toothpick or other small object to "grab" a little bit of adhesive.

Step 5

Add a small amount of adhesive to the item where you want the flat back to sit.

Step 6

Use a pair of tweezers to pick up one flat back.

Step 7

Place the flat back onto the adhesive.

Step 8

Repeat steps 4 - 8 until you have glued desired number of flat back rhinestones. Glue will be completely set in 24 hours but stable in an hour.